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I have been living and working abroad for many years now; my galleries are a work in progress, intended to document my travels for family and friends. I've been posted to the Middle East for the past several years and currently live in Jerusalem.

I started off in digital photography with an Olympus C-520 point-and-shoot ; I then moved on to the Olympus C-7070 and finally to SLRs with the Olympus E-500 and E-510.

My current kit: Olympus E-510; Olympus Zuiko 11-22/14-45/40-150 lenses; Sunpak 383 and Metz 48 AF-1 flash units.

Comments and critiques welcome; I'm always looking to improve my skills.

To family and friends: Photos are best viewed in Slideshow, Smugmug, or Journal style (once you've chosen a gallery to view, you can select a style from the menu on the upper right of the screen). The view can be magnified by placing the cursor over the photo or clicking on it to select a larger size.

Please do not use my images without permission.

Thanks for looking!

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Churches in and around the Old City of Jerusalem

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